Involved in projects that include:


 1. 100's of millions of CDs sold

 2. Billions of Radio Plays

 3. and with 34Years Experience


I love working with independent artists and am really passionate about artists having their music professionally mastered and not doing it really can make all the difference.


Hope to work with you soon.

Situated in the fantastic Arts & Industrial Estate, Byron Bay - this beautiful & original designed studio

with its natural light - curved walls & neutral sound is the perfect environment

new site soon

This website hasn't been updated for a LONG time - there is a lot of info in the Discography.


I will be redoing it by the end of 2017


Per songĀ $70

CD master compilation FREE for a limited time.

Mixing - please contact

Check out my discography

The price is fixed so no nasty surprises.

Phone: 0407 488 697


2/20 Acacia Street

Byron Bay

NSW, 2481



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